Brexit: False claims on the NHS

The £350 million: the poster on a bus, the headline, mentioned in every sentence of the Brexitters – it stood out in big and bold for the nation to realise how much money the government was surrendering to the EU each week. To the emotional voters, this was just too much to bear. They wanted their country back and sacrificing hundreds of millions to the EU was just unfair, they wanted that money spent on beneficial services such as the NHS (National Health Service). But to the logical thinkers, this figure of £350 million was just too unreal to be real.

Many things gained spotlight during the six months leading up to the campaigns; the government was vividly scattered and it seems permanently divided, the panama papers was a cherry on top for Brexitters who were looking for an advantage. Flooding during the voting day, issues with using pencils with rumours spreading that MI5 was rigging the votes. Amid things, a big controversy was that ‘Vote Leave’ campaign was strongly misleading the public and this figure was one of many misleads.

More than ever, people are voting based on fear or what’s called an issue vote. And the politicians are well aware of the change in voting behaviour. People are no longer voting based on class, there is no geographical pattern, instead there is a rise in votes based on media portrayal and issue voting. A majority of the public’s vote could change if there is a significant issue closer to the election, this was much the case in the UK referendum.


Knowing this and more, it was a fear tactic by the Brexitters to use that ineligible claim to deter voters. The emotional voters are now finding out the truth in the hard way – the NHS is in fact sinking financially. No such figure as £350 million actually exists, so there is no way of bailing NHS out…

The Brexit seem to only have had a negative effect on the NHS. It was reported last week that the UK doesn’t produce enough doctors to keep it running, this proves that we will always need the white-collar workers from the EU countries to help keep our health system afloat. On the other hand, what happened has happened, this means that we need to look to redeem ourselves from further potential degradations.


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